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  • If the paper is a combined work, the designations should be properly mentioned. Maximum number of three Co-Authors is allowed.


With the gradual rise of complex civilizations the evolution of Gurukulam to Palmtops has been a very remarkable one. Particularly in recent years, technology has changed from being a peripheral factor to becoming more central in all forms of teaching. The scope of the use of technology is still developing from palmtops to wearable. Technology and education are a great combination if used together with a right reason and vision. However the use of technology was in a slow pace for in the past few decades. Technology has helped in the growth of mobile learning and long distance learning. The use of internet technology has enabled teachers to reach students across borders and also students from developing countries have used internet technology to subscribe for advanced educational courses. However the point still arises, in-spite of all the evolution the conventional style of teaching-learning process (classroom learning only) still exists. Few dilemmas haunt us:

Few researchers say technology should not replace teachers. Its main use is to enable students to learn better through increasing their engagement in educational activities. Few researchers suggest technology has to facilitate and stimulate individual learning. Students should use technology to learn on their own with limited help from teachers.

To elaborate on these thoughts from you’re your master minds, Project 3G invites your active participation in the webinar on the title “Strength and Weakness of Technology in Education”


The Live Webinar focuses to provide the platform to participants to apply innovative strategies, suggestions and solutions to the Educational sector worldwide. This Webinar would spread lights on the comparative study of the adoption of technology in Education and all other sectors. The main objectives of the webinar would be

  • Critically analyze and understand the issues related to the application of Technology in Education.
  • Discuss the challenges in the implementation and execution of Technology in Education.
  • To explore the scope and possibilities of technology and
    Education going hand in hand.
  • Showcase the growth of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as essential elements in the modern Education system.
  • Showcase the role of Learning analytics as an essential element in the modern Education system.
  • To share examples and practices of the learning environment of the present era.


The soft copy of Full paper should be submitted through the link provided to registered E-mail ID of authors. The submitted paper cannot be edited unless the intimation for revision is received to author’s E-mail ID.


Format: .doc /.pdf
Font: Times New Roman
Font Size
Heading :16 pt
Subheading :14 pt
Content :14 pt
Format of Reference : APA (American   Psychological Association)

Seminar Updates will be made available in the Website from time to time.



First Price ₹25000
Second Price ₹15000
Third Price ₹10000


Webinar Coordinator   :Mr. Dinesh KS
Additional Coordinator:Mr.FasaluRahman MK
Organising Secretary  :Mr. Abdul Rahoof P


  • Comparative analysis of implementation of technology in Education and all other sectors.
  • Evaluating the reason behind the non- implementation of 100 percent technology based learning platform.
  • Digital Education and the role of teacher.
  • Collaborative learning, distributed – cognitive and collective intelligence.
  • Scope of e-learning analytics in the traditional classroom and learning process.
  • Resistance versus Adoption of technology in Education.
  • Digital migrates and digital natives: relationship and conflicts.
  • Development of a need-based and adaptive technology for the modern Education scenario.


The Webinar on “Strength and Weakness of Technology in Education” is addressed to Faculty of Education department – University / training College, Research scholars, Post graduate students who have interest in learning analytics, Educational Technology or e-learning industry.

Jurisdiction of the competition :National wide.
Nature of competition  :webinar.
Participants :Paper presenters and
the invitees.


  1. Last Date of Registration and Submission of Abstract : 23 Jan 2017 (Within 1000 words)
  2. Intimation of Acceptance : 27 Jan 2017
  3. Last Date of Submission of Full Paper : 9 Feb 2017
  4. Intimation for revision of Full paper : 15 Feb 2017
  5. Last date of Revised paper Submission : 19 Feb 2017 (online)
  6. Hard copy submission : On or before 21 Feb 2017
  7. Webinar : 25 Feb 2017


Authors are requested to submit the abstract of original and unpublished research works through the website at the time of registration.The abstract should be typed or pasted in the text editor provided. without abstract the full paper will not be accepted. Abstract should be written in English.

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The selected articles/research papers will be published as part of proceedings of Webinar. And shall be given to all delegates in electronic format.

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